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  • Weight Loss and weight gain

    Setting a realistic goal of weight loss will make you successful in attaining your goal.  Bring in changes in your lifestyle pattern with modification in your diet and giving importance to exe...

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  • Diabetic Control

    iDiet plays a major role in control of your blood sugar.  Learn spacing of meals and prevent low sugar or hypoglycemia.  Include complex carbohydrates and regular exercise in your lifesty...

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  • kidney Diseases

    Know how to leach your vegetables to delay the progress of your disease.  Learn how to maintain your low sodium, potassium and protein intake along with the fluid restriction.  Reduce you...

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  • Sports Nutrition

    Sports Nutrition  ...

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  • weight loss and PCOD

    We will provide you: Dietary advice and tips to reduce the recurrence. what should be avoided through your diet. Hypothyroidism can cause weight loss, PCOD. Dietary ...

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